IMF Report: Virtual Currencies and Beyond

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Modèle : IMF Report: Virtual Currencies and Beyond

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New technologies—supported by advances in encryption and network computing—are driving transformational change in the global economy, including in how goods, services and assets are exchanged. An important development in this process has been the emergence of virtual currencies  (VCs). VC schemes are private sector systems that , in many cases, facilitate peer-to-peer exchange bypassing traditional central clearinghouses.

VCs and their associated technologies (notably distributed ledgers based on blockchains) are rapidly evolving, and the future landscape is difficult to predict.  VCs offer many potential benefits, including greater speed and efficiency in making payments and transfers—particularly across borders––and ultimately promoting financial inclusion. The distributed ledger technology underlying some VC schemes—an innovative de centralized means of keeping track of transactions in a large network––offers potential benefits that go far beyond VCs themselves.
Prepared by an IMF Staff Team
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