BitShares 2.0: Financial Smart Contract Platform

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Modèle : BitShares 2.0: Financial Smart Contract Platform

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Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released his whitepaper and corresponding software for bitcoin, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has continued to grow at a rapid pace. In the beginning, Bitcoin created a platform that anyone could use to transfer value across the internet without middlemen, banks or counterparty risk. However, once bitcoin’s basic blockchain consensus technology became established and stable, people began to discuss whether blockchain technology could also be applied to enable the trade of multiple assets without the need for a broker or centralized clearinghouse. BitShares has created such a technology, and has coined the term “decentralized exchange” (DEX) to describe our Bitcoin 2.0 platform. Currently, it supports trade not only in digital assets, but also traditional financial instruments and securities on the blockchain.

  • Introduction
  • Market Pegged Assets (MPA)
  • User-Issue Assets (UIA)
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Platform for Further Smart Contracts
  • Fees
  • Conclusion

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