Building a Workforce for the Information Economy

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Look at any newspaper’s employment section suggests that competition for qualified workers in information technology (IT) is intense. Yet even experts disagree on not only the actual supply versus demand for IT workers but also on whether the nation should take any action on this economically important issue.


Building a Workforce for the Information Age offers an in-depth look at IT. workers-where they work and what they do-and the policy issues they inspire. It also illuminates numerous areas that have been questioned in political debates.

Table of Contents
  • The IT Sector: Context and Character
  • Understanding the IT Workforce
  • Characterizing the Workforce Problem
  • Older IT Workers and Possible Age-Related Discrimination
  • Foreign Workers in the IT Workforce
  • Making More Effective Use of the Existing IT Workforce
  • Longer-Term Strategies for Increasing the Supply of Qualified Labor: Training and Education
  • Sunthesis, Principles, and Recommendations
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